Englische ARTIKEL


Soeren Kern The Islamization of Germany15. Jan, 14

Barry Rubin You Still Don’t Understand Islamism, Do You? 8.1.14

Daniel Greenfield The-Muslim-Suicide-Convert6.1.14

Soeren Kern French Gov’t Panel: Recognize Our „Arab-Oriental Dimension“ 2.1.14

Stephen F. Hayes Defining al Qaeda Down Jan.14


Ari Soffer What’s With the Nazi Fascination? Palestinian Nazi Glorification 28.11.13

Muslims WorldwideIslam’s History And Doctrine Of International Slavery 21.11.13

Raymond IbrahimLargest Massacre of Christians in Syria‘ Ignored21. 11.13

Raffi Bedrosyan The Islamized Armenians and Us 15.11.13

Fouad Ajami When the Obama Magic Died 13.11.13

Andrew E. Harrod Many Things Rotten in Denmark  13.11.13

Robert Spencer When Opposing Jihad is ‘Racist’ 12.11.13

Tom Snodgrass  The U.S. National Security Leadership Is Not Competent To Lead 6. 11.13

Raymond Ibrahim Exploiting Christian Persecution to Demonize Israel 5.11.13

Bruce Bawer Swedish Archbishop: Why Pick Jesus over Muhammed?  5.11.13

Daniel Hannnan The Anglosphere miracle  Oktober 2013

Eli E. Hertz  Political Rights in Palestine October 31. 10.13 

Soeren Kern EU Proposal to Monitor „Intolerant“ Citizens 28. 10. 13 

Lazar Berman Hatnua warns: slease spat could end in violensce 27. Okt. 2013

Tom Robinson  Islam-leaning UK politicians takeover of British politics‘  25.10.13

Renaud Camus NO to „The Great Replacement Of A People And A Civilisation“ 23.10.13

Malcolm Lowe World Council of Churches Stands By As Christians Perish 22.10.13

Thomas Sowell Race-Hustling Results 22.10. 2013

Deborah Weiss  Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing “Islamophobia” 22.10.13

Malcolm Lowe World Council of Churches Stands By As Christians Perish 22.10.13

Thomas Sowell Race-Hustling Results 22.10. 2013

Vincent Cooper A bad fit: Islam and democracy at home and abroad 19 10.13

Caroline Glick The Bothersome, Annoying Truth 17.10.13

Clifford D. May The Other Long War 17. 10.13

Soeren Kern Britain’s Underage Muslim Marriage Epidemic 15. 10. 13

Daniel Greenfield  World Health Organization: 1 in 3 Somalis are Insane 10. 10.13

Emma Batha  170 000 Mentally ill tied to trees and left to die in Somalia  9. 10.13

Nick Gray There’s hope yet for Israel-Palestinian peace .7 10.13

Raymond Ibrahim Islam’s Jihad against the West is centuries old 4.10.13

Daniel Greenfield  Why Terrorists Kill 03 10.13

Dawn Perlmutter Jihadist Ritual Murder and Mutilation at the Mall 02. 10.13

Bruce Thornton Rich, Arrogant and Stupid 1.10.13

Daniel Greenfield   The Egyptian Pyramid Scheme  16. 9.13

Giulio Menotti  The Pope Separates Jews from Israelis 13.9.13

Alvino-Mario Fantini The Islamist Spring and the West’s Decline 4. 9.13

Philip Jenkins Syria’s Christians Risk Eradication  4. 9.13

Srdja Trifkovic Syria: Idiocy Meets Mendacity 3. 9.13

Frank Gaffney  Don’t Rescue Muslim Brotherhood  22.8.13

Raymond Ibrahim   The Siege of Byzantium  21.8.13

Michael Ledeen   t’s War, You Idiots 18. 8.13

Daniel Greenfield What Terrorists Want 12..8.13

Raymond Ibrahim Yusuf Qaradawi Calls Muslims Worldwide to Egypt to Wage Jihad 4. 8.13

Conrad Black Yes, the Christian West Religion is a pillar of our civilization. 31.7.13

Mara Revkin  The Egyptian State Unravels 27.7.13

Hugh Fitzgerald   Muslim Colonists In Western Europe  22. 7.13

Itamar Eichner  Anti-Semitism hits new record in Europe   24.6.13

Soeren Kern  Spain: „Soon the Muslims Will Be the Kings of the World“ 21.6.13

Ryan Mauro  Islamists Plummet in Polls in Turkey, Arab ‚Spring‘ Countries 20. 6.13

Paul Bignell  Teenagers in Jordan support ‘honour killings,’ 19 6.13

Khaled Abu Toameh  The Palestinian Authority’s Reign of Terror 13. 6.13

Theodore Dalrymple Thoughts on Woolwich 29.5.13

Douglas Murray  The fear of causing Offense 28.5.13

David Samuels The Mideast Crack-Up 21.5.13

Bruce Bawer What’s Wrong with Sweden? 21. 5.13

Michael Barone  Did Clinton and Obama Believe Their Benghazi Baloney? 13.5.13

Michael J. Totten  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Empty Chair  12 5.13

Mark Steyn  The Benghazi Lie  10.5.13

Michael Barone  Did Clinton and Obama Believe Their Benghazi Baloney?  3.5.13

Robert Spencer The Human Cost of Jihad Denial 2.5.013

Morten Uhrskov Jensen  The realm of silence  30. 4.13

Caroline Glick  Time to Confront Obama on Radical Islam 29. 4. 13

Eli E. Hertz – Nakba The Arab Self-Inflicted Catastrophe 29.4.13

Suzanne Fields  When Rhetoric Hides the Reality 26.4.13

Khairi Abaza The Fight for the Judiciary in Egypt 26.4.13

George Neu mayr  The Price of Obama’s Islamophilia  24..4.13

Daniel Greenfield:A Tribal War in Boston 23.4.13

Nonie Darwish  The Nice Muslim Family Next Door 22. 4.13

Roger L. Simon  Boston and America  Where the Fish Rots from the Top 21.4.13

Michael B. Mukasey: Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad 21.4. 2013

Daniel Greenfield : None Dare Call It Islamism 9.4.13

Joshua Muravchik Enough Said: The False Scholarship of Edward Said  März/April 2013

Alan M. Dershowitz Pink Anti-Semitism No Different from Brown Anti-Semitism 26.2.13

David Hornik Jews Under Muslim Attack in Europe 22.2.13

Daniel Greenfield: It’s Not Easy Being Red and Green 17.2.13

Douglas Murray The cowardly and hypocritical media abandons LarsHedegaard 8.2.13

PaulL.Williams America’s Future belongs to Islam 6.2.13

Koonraad Eelst  Are All Problems With Muslims Caused By Islam? 21.1.13


Paul Belien  The Threat of Lawful Islamism and the Need to Fight It 11. 12 12

Arnold Ahlert  Pushing Back Against Stealth Jiha charter Schools  13. 11.12

Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi Europe’s Takeover by Islam  Part II  23.10.12

Zvi Yehezkeli and David Deryi Europe’s Takeover by Islam Part I 18.10.12

Ron Radosh The case of Hobsbawm  30.10.12

Alan Johnson  Judith Butler More Palestinian then the Palestinians 16.10.12

Laura Washington Reporter Lara Logan brings ominous news from Middle East 7.10.12

David Ha’ivri  The Arab-Muslim Narrative Fantasy, stretching the truth 4.10.12

By Ron Jager  Why Arabs are so Easily Offended 30. 9.12

Timothy Whiteman  Muslims: Pope must apologize for Catholics freeing Spain 27.9.12

Shashank Joshi  Free speech is the only answer to bigotry 24.9.12

Victor Davis Hanson Please, No More Apologies For Free Speech 23.9.12

Raymond Ibrahim  The Rape of Christopher Stevens  17. 9.12

Daniel Greenfield: Stevens Feeds the Crocodile 14.9.12

Bruce Bawer  World Community Takes On ‘Islamophobia’ 12.9.12

Daniel Greenfield:  The Mirage of Moderate Islam 20.8.12

Jay Schalin  Misreading the Quran  5. 8.12

Soeren Kern Britain: Muslim Polygamists to Get More Welfare Benefits 1. 8.12

Enza Ferreri  Increasing Attacks on Christianity in Europe 21.7.12

PEW Research Center  The World’s Muslim 30. 4.13

Sara Anabtawi  Girls ready for marriage at 12 – Saudi Grand Mufti  24 4. 12

Claire Berlinski  Who Is Fethullah Gülen? 22. 4.12

Matthew Hunter Chaotic Legacy of the Classroom Radicals March 2012

David Solway  Palestinians and the Greatest Political Scam of Modern Times 16. 2.12

Ayaan Hirsi Ali The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World 6.2.12

Nick Allen : Fort Hood gunman: Infidels should have their throats cut 8.11.09

Yonatan Silverman Understanding Islaofascism 22 1.12 

Alex Alexiev  Turkey: NATO’s ‘Open Prison’ 18.1.12 deutsch:EuropeNews 20.1.12

Daniel Greenfield  Three Fundamental Mistakes in Dealing with Islam 16. 1.12 

Soeren Kern Muslims Converting Empty European Churches into Mosques 16.1.12

Raymond Ibrahim  Muslim Brotherhood Declares ‘Mastership of World 16. 1.12

Soeren Kern  Germany tries to Silence Criticism of Islam 13.1.12

Paul Weston  How To Destroy A Country — Part 1 13. January 2012

Paul Weston  Racism and Media Double Standards in Britain 10.1.12

Daniel Greenfield  Islamophilia and the Israeli Question 3.1.12


Theodore Dalrymple: On WikiLeaks  -The Dissolution of Privacy 2.12.11

Nidra Poller A French Intifada Winter 11

Bruce Thornton  The Dangers of Democracy 30.11-.11

Soeren Kern  Moroccan Crime in the Netherlands & the Myths of Multiculturalism 28.11.11 

Max Boot   Battle Against Islamist Terrorism is Not Over; It is Changing Shape 23.11.11

Jamie Glazov Interview mit Goldstein How civilizations Die 14.11.11

Daniel Greenfiel: The Dangers of Legitimizing Muslim Grievances 14.11.11

Bob Smith  Islam is fear part III, Gates of Vienna 7.11.11

Bob Smith  Islam is Fear, Part II  6.. 11.11

Bob Smith Islam is Fear, Part I 5. 11.11

Christopher Caldwell Reflections on the Revoution in Europe 7.10.11

Daphne Anson The Sad Song of Norway: It’s Antisemitic Refrain 30.7.11

Bruce Bawer: Inside the Mind of the Oslo Murderer 25. 7.11

Kenan Malik  Assimilation’s Failure, Terrorism’s Rise 6.7.11

Raymond Ibrahim Raped and Randsacked in the Muslim world 2.6.11

George Gilder  The Economics of Settlement  June 2011

Roger Scruton   The Rebirth of Nations  June 2011

Wafa Sultan  The Islamists‘ Enablers: The Western Sellout to Sharia Law 23. 5.11

Efraim Karsh  Abbas’s Fable 20. 5. 11 

Ann Barnhardt The Keystone of the Islamic Milieu: Inbreeding 13. 4. 11

Alan M. Dershowitz  Finkelstein Supports the Targeting of Israeli Civilians 11.4.11

Rooshanie Ejaz, HRS  An Ego too Big for Humanity 9.4.11

Geert Wilders Speech on Human Rights in Rome 23.3.11

Edward Cline The Symbiosis Between Islam and Multiculturalism 23.3.11

Karin McQuillan :  There Is No Democracy Movement In Egypt 11.3.11

Elza Maalouf  Arab-Style Democracy: The Answer to the Post Dictatorship Era 10.3.11

Andrew Mc Carthey :There is a reason leftists and Islamists collaborate:  5.3.11

Andrew C. McCarthy:  OIC and the Caliphate 1.3.11

Guy Bechor: Don’t count on Democracy 26.2. 11

Diana West : Let’s Talk About a Caliphate 25.2.11

Arnaud de Borchgrave: Gullible amnesia 22. 2 11

Andrew C. McCarthy: Death to Apostates: Not a Perversion of Islam, but Islam 21.2.11

Ronald Radosh: The Real Face of the Muslim Brotherhood 16.2.11

Rebecca Bynum: Should Islam Be Classified as a Religion? Februar 11

Andrew McCarthey: Fear the Muslim Brotherhood 31.1.11

Raymond Ibrahim  Muslims in America: All the Benefits and still turning to Jihad 21.1.11

Melanie Phillips  The Danish witch-hunt against the truth-tellers  11. 1.11

Phyllis Chesler: Free Speech Has Died in Europe 10.1.11

Kevin Myers: Muslim girls are covertly prepared for forced marriage 6.1.11

Robert Spencer The Islamic Fantasy Zionist Jihad  11.1.11

Emmet Scott  The Fate of the Roman Cities of the Near East and North Africa January 2011

Samir Yousif: Theoretical Foundations of Terrorism  Januar 11


Bruce Thornton: Policies Based on Illusion 23.12.10

Robert Spencer How Islamic Supremacy is overwhelming Democracy 23.12.10

Bruno Waterfield Herman Van Rompuy: ‚Euroscepticism leads to war‘ 10.11.10

Guy Millière Why Europe is Dead 18.10.10

Michael Weiss Useful Idiots: Captive Minds, Empty Heads 3.9.10

Bruce Bawer „I’ve Become an Enemy of the People for Speaking the Truth” 15.6.10

Monica Crowley: Jihad by any other name 6.1.10

Marc Huybrechts: Religious Divide Across The Atlantic 2. 1.10


Theodore Dalrymple: The Persistence of Ideology Winter 2009

Fouad Ajami: The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding Obama 29.11..09

Raymond Ibrahim: Islamist Perfidy and Western Naivety: Which Is More Lethal? 9.11.09

Nick Allen : Fort Hood gunman should have their throats cut 8.11.09

Rusty Shackleford: Fort Hood: Nothing ‘Sudden’ About ‘Sudden Jihad Syndrome’ 7.11.09

Philip Sherwell/Alex Spillius:  Texas army killer linked to September 11 terrorists 7.11.09

Paul Belien: Leviathan is born The Annexation of Europe by Brussels 5.11.09

Michael Leedan: It’s the (Religious) Ideology, Stupid 5.11.09

Mohammad Asghar Islam Would Die Without Jihad Nov. 09

Tom Whitehead Labour Wanted Mass Immigration 23. 10. 09.

William Tucker  Rahabbing the Djihadists 2.10.09 

Hugh Fitzgerald: Turkwey, Secularism and the Need for Eternal vigilance Okt.09

Deroy Murdock:  Being Nice will get Us Killed 22.9.09

Andrew Bostom: Apostasie and the Islamic Nations 21.9.09

Steven Plaut Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Tony Judt  09.9.09

Stephen Schwartz: Tariq Ramadan Repudiated 28.8.09

John Griffing : Islam’s European Conquest 20.8.09

Thomas Landen In Germany It Is Better to Be a Muslim than a Baptist 14.8.09

Joseph Loconte  Self inflicted Wounds  5.8.09

Daniel Greenfiled  Why the Islamic Law is the antithesis of Justice 4. 8.09

Sami Alrabaa Radical Muslims Abuse Western Lawfare Systems 24.6.09

Sami Alrabaa Obama will not Make a Difference 4.6.09

Daniel Greenfield   Israel to Obama: “No, You Can’t” 2.6.09

Roee Nahmias Hamas stealing aid supplies to sell to residents 1.6.09

Mark Steyn  Israel Today, the West Tomorrow 1. 5. 09

Raymond Ibrahim  The History Channel’s Distortions of the Crusades 12.4.09

Theodore Dalrymple The Two Frances One a bourgeois paradise; the other 7.4.09

Sami Alrabaa Shari’a Infiltrates German Courts, Schools, and …5. 4.09

Eli E. Hertz  The Partition Plan and the „Two State Solution  31.3.09

Hans Jansen  The Advance of Islam  28.3.09

Steven Emerson  Extremists use ‚civil rights‘ group front to push agenda 24.3.09

Lars Hedeggard  Once Again It’s the Economy, Stupid. 17.2.09

Janet Levy  Who’s Committing Crimes against Humanity?  10.2. 09

Jamie Glazov  Moderate Beheading 9.2.09

Hugh Fitzgerald  Ian Buruma, Geert Wilders, hatred and ignorance 31.1.09

Bret Stephens  The No-State Solution -13.1.09

Alex Schulman Stockholm Syndrom Radical Ilam an d the Euopean Response 30.1.09

Sami Alrabaa A  Look into what Saudi Arabia is Really Like 21.1..09

Wafa Sultan  Gaza, ou l’hypocrisie inégalée 11.1.09

Jonah Goldberg  Who Are the Real Nazis?   7. 1.09

Richard L. Rubenstein  Jihad and the Roots of Europe’s Religious Identity  Jan.2009


Jonathan Spyer Cruelty and Silence in Gaza  11.12.08

Amr Bargasi  Egypts Jew Haters Deserve Ostracism in the West 1.12.08

Arthur Herman  Lost Illusions – What really happened in Mumbai. 1.12.08

Ibn Warraq   Why the West Is Best  Winter 2008

Philip Carl Salzman The Middle Easts Tribal DNA Winter 2008

John Vinocur  From the Left, a Call to End The Current Dutch Notion of Tolerance 29.11.08

Chrichton McNamara  Witch Hunting in Switzerland 19.11.08

Andrew Bostom  Antisemitism in Islam’s foundational texts 18.11.08

Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi  What Does „Moderate“ Islamist Mean?16.11.11

Christopher Deliso  Lost in Conversion?  23. 10.08

Thomas Sowell  The High Cost of Racial Hype Identity crisis. 17.9.08

Robert Spencer: Random House and the Islamic War against Free Speech 22.8.08

Deborah Wess Canada’s Human Rights Gestapo 19. 8.08

Menahem Gantz  Italy allowed Palestinian terror groups to roam free 17.8.08

Barry Rubin  Mr. Obama, Meet Mr. Jihadi  11. 8.08

Steven Milloy  The Real Population Bomb  25. 8.08

David Solway  On Culture and Politics 1. 8.13

Paul Belien  Europe, the Missionaries’ Battle Ground  11.7.08

Jamie Glazov  Symposium: Confronting Islamization of the West  11.7.08

David Solway  The Coming of the Fourth Reich? 30. 6.11

Robert Spencer  The Jihad Against Free Speech 17.6.08

Wafa Sultan  The Islamists‘ Enablers: The Western Sellout to Sharia Law  8. 6.11 

Walid Phares: Forbidden Words 27.5.08

Alyssa A. Lappen  Innate Islamic loathing for Jews 27.5.08

Robert Satloff  Just Like Us! Really? 12. 5.08

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr  Amerabia 5.5.08

Michael Ledeen  Shroud of Turin  Italy and European destiny  5.5.08

Alan Dershowitz Israels Gift to the World 4. 5. 2008

Barry Rubin  AP Explains to you Why Israel Shouldnt Exist  4. 5. 08

Mark Steyn  Please send more complaints 23. 4.08

Peter Hammond What Islam Isn’t  21.4.08

Ali Salim The Islamic Paradise 16.4.13

Amir Taheri The Sunni-shiite Terror Network 29.3.08

Raymond Ibrahim  Islam’s ‘Public Enemy 1’ Coptic priest fights fire with fire. 25.3.08

John David Lewis  Memoirs of a Criminal Mind  24.3. 08

Andrew G. Bostom Losing Our Soul to the Islamintern 24.3.08

Jeremy Watson  Husbands in forced marriages face rape charges  23 3.08

Chris Osuh  Muslim doctors veil warning 19 3.08

Alan Wolfe  The coming Religious Peace 1.3.08

Melanie Phillips:Homegrown Terror  Homegrown Terror 26.2.08

James M. Arlandson Does Shariah Promote Human Rights? 16.2.08

Matthew D’Ancona The Archbishop of Cant 11. 2.08

Andrew Bostom: Rampant Jew Hatred in Europe  5.2.08

Joshua Muravchik, Charlie Szrom  In Search of Moderate Muslims 1.2.08

Melvin E. Lee  Grievance-Based Terrorism 25.1..08

Edward Luttwak  Turkey’s Leaders plan Muslim Europe 23.01.08

Paul Belien ‚Sensitive urban areas‘ 16.1.08

Joseph Klein UN Gag Order 11.1.08

Fouad Ajami The Clash 6.1.08


Diana West Paying Islam for our Western guilt  29. 12.07

Mark Dubowitz  Terrorist TV in Eurabia 23.12.2007

Boris Johnson  Imagine Britain without kids terrorising streets 20.12.07

Jonathan Gelbart: The Future of Europe 7.12.07

Andrew Bostom: Brothers of Invention? 30.11.07

Bruce S. Thornton  Christian leaders abase themselves before Islam 27.11.07

Jamie Glazov: Islam, Slavery and Rape 23.11.07

Gerald Robins  Italy’s Immigration Agita  8.11..07

Allison Pearson  Human rights is merely a sweetner for rapists 6.11.07

Roger Scruton Altruism and Selfishness 2.11.2007

Christopher Hitchens Defending Islamofascism. It’s a valid term. 22. 10.07

Peter Jensen (Fjordman) Islam, Christian Europe and the Greek Heritage 12.10.07

Youssef M. Ibrahim The Islamist Trojan Horse is already in place 25. 9.07

Christopher Hitchens: Why are we so Scared of Offending Muslims? 30.7. 07

Walid Phares Preventing the West from Understanding Jihad 17.7 07

Patrick Poole Islams Global War Against Christianity 5.7.7

Michel Hodges: Is London’s Future Islamic? 5.7. 07

Andrew Bostom: Radical islam Goal is Global Conquest  2.7.07

Theodore Dalrymple Delusions of Honesty summer 2007

Jakob Laksin   Terror and Double Standards 6.6.07

Paul Berman  Who’s Afraid of Tariq Ramadan  4.6.07

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Can secular Turkey survive democracy? 9.5.07

Andrew G. Bostom  The Muslim Mainstream and the New Caliphate 27.4.07

Raymond Ibrahim Is Islam worse than other Religions? 6.3.07

Raphael Israeli  The New Demographic Balance in Europe and its Consequences 1.3.07

Charles Krauthammer: Who’s to blame for the Killing 2.2.07

Bernard Lewis: Muslims about to take over Europe 29.1.07

Bruce Bawer  Europe’s Stockholm Syndrome . 26. 1..07

Jamie Doward  Revealed: preachers‘ messages of hate 7.1.07

Jamie Glazov: Boys of the Taliban Boys of the Taliban 1.1.07


J. R. Dunn: Knowing the Enemy 30.12.2006

Thomas L. Friedman Mideast Rules to live by 20.12.06

Paul Belien: Marital Import The Cause of Europe’s Rapid Islamization 19.12.06

George Packer Knowing the Enemy 18.12.06

Tom Harper Jews far more likely to be victims of faith hatred than Muslims 17.12.06

Jamie Glazov:  Religion of Peace? 6. 12..06

Aaron Hanscom  The Reality of Eurabia 1.12.06

Srdja Trifkovic: Eurabian Nights Dec 2006

Paul Belien: Islamicization of Europe 2.11.06

Anne Applebaum Multicultural Manners 24. Oct. 2006

Frederick W. Kagan:  New Thinking, Old Realities 16.10.06

Youssuf Ibrahim  A Lack Of Tolerance That Is Justified 13.10.06

Ernest Baert Tribes in Europe and the Disappearance of Trust 12.10.06

Charles Krauthammer Angels and Intelligence Estimates 6.10.06

Victor Davis Hanson: Traitors to the Enlightenment 2.10. 06

J.R. Dunn Knowing the Enemy 30.9.06

Jonah Goldberg:  Terrorists Excuse du Jour 29.9.06

J. Peter Pham & Michael I. Krauss Admit Were Peacefull – or Else 27.9.06

Gadi Taub Genocide Against Muslims 27.9.06

Jed Babbin: Islamic Brownshirts 25. 9. 06

Mohammed Fadhil Blaming the Victim 12. 9.06

Jill Carroll  Observations on Arabs  9.9. 06

Peter T.R. Brookes: 9/11 Five Years Later 7.9.06

Patrick Sookhdeo  The Schools that Divide the Nations  5.9.06

Barack Obama’s Cairo speech Full text 4.9.06

Hugh Fitzgerald Douce France Sept. 06

J. Peter Pham & Michael I. Krauss Europe’s Munich Moment 29.8.06

Arlene Peck  Time to think about Annex and Transfer  31. 8. 06

Thomas Sowell Point of no Return? 23.8.06

Alamgier Hussain  Civilization Clash betweev Islam and the West Part 1 7.8.06

Charles KrauthammerDisproportionate in what Moral Universe? 28.7.06

John David Lewis Notes on the Near Eastern Legacy of Islam 4.6.06

Patrick Poole The Muslim Brotherhood „Project“: 11.5.06

Orlando Patterson  A Poverty of the Mind 26. 3.06

Phillip Longman The Return of Patriarchy 1. 3.06

Evan Maloney Sharia Law Comes West März 06

Victor Davis Hanson Appeasement 16.2.06


Bruce Bawer Tolerance or Death 30.11.05

Christopher Caldwell The East in the West  25.9.05

Anthony Browne: Fundamentally, we’re useful idiots  Aug. 2005

Ray Harris  The myth of Islam as a Religion of Peace August 2005

Thomas Friedman  Giving the Hatemongers No Place to Hide 22.7.05

Theodore Dalrymple On Muslim Immigrants In Britain 24. April 2005

Laurence Auster: The Wests Paralysis over Western Muslims 17.3. 2005


Hugh Fitzgerald: Douce France (2004)  Douce France deutsch September 06

Asaf Romirowsky Unpacking the „Right of Return 27.8.04

Jean Raspail   La Patrie trahi par la République 17.6.04

Amir Taheri  Amir Taheri: „Islam Is Incompatible With Democracy“ 19. 5.04

Reuel Marc Gerecht  A Shiite War? 9.4.04

Theodore Dalrymple: When islam breaks Down Spring 2004

Barbara Amiel Is France on the way to becoming an Islamic State? 25.1.05


Guy Millière  The Psychosis of France 5.6.03

Guy Millière:  A New Muslim Country 12.5.03

Guy Millière:  France is Almost Finished 10.4.03

Guy Millière: France is Not a Western Country Anymore 31.3.03


Theodore Dalymple The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris Autumn 2002

 Theodore Dalrymple: The Man who predicted The Race Riots Spring 2002

Theodore Dalrymple Der Mann der die Rassenunruhen voraussagte Übers.


Ali Sina: Islam: Religion of Poverty August 2001

Jahanara Begum  The Bitter Lament of a Muslim Woman 2000/1 Isis Insitute

Reza Afshari Egalitarian Islam and Misogynist Islamic Tradition ca 2000

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