Obamas Iran-Deal

Posted on Juni 4, 2016


Dhimmi Nation

by A.J. Caschetta

PJ Media June 3, 2016


Unedited version of an article that originally appeared under the title „Is Obama’s Iran Deal a ‚Dhimmi‘ Contract?“

IRGC Commander Ali Fadavi’s recent threat to „drown American vessels“ in the Persian Gulf is only the latest indication that America’s relationship with Iran resembles a dhimma contract more than a traditional foreign policy.

Since the seventh century, everyone defeated by Islamic conquest was given three choices: conversion, death, or a dhimma contract, which Bat Ye’or calls the „treaty of submission for people conquered by jihad.“ By accepting the third choice, they became dhimmis – members of a „protected“ class whose failure to submit to Allah was replaced by a compulsory submission to Muslims. Isolated and disarmed, insulted at every turn, and coerced into acknowledging their inferiority with regular self-abasement, dhimmis were expected to show humility and gratitude for their protectors.

The president’s approach to the Muslim world in general has been replete with gratitude, flattery, and apologies – especially for violence perpetrated by Christians a thousand years ago. He refuses to utter the words „Islamist terrorism“ and wildly exaggerates Islam’s role in „saving“ Western culture. At the UN he demanded that „the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.“ He even put one filmmaker in jail for doing so.

Obama’s approach to the Muslim world has been replete with gratitude, flattery, and apologies. But above all, throughout his presidency Obama has reached out to Iran, publically and in secret letters. His overtures may not be consciously designed to recapitulate a dhimmi’s accommodation to his master, but Ali Khamenei treats them as such, offering only contempt in return for the president’s obsequious deference.

Khamenei leads cheers of „Death to America,“ and Obama makes excuses for it. Obama insists that Iran’s path forward is at the UN with the P5+1 partners, but Khamenei counters that „those who say the future is in negotiations, not in missiles, are…ignorant.“ Each unanswered Iranian provocation reinforces the image of a dhimmi paying tribute and enduring his proscribed submission with gestures of obeisance.

Since 2009 Iran has attempted an assassination in Washington, D.C., shipped arms to Palestinian terrorists in Gaza and Houthi rebels in Yemen, and attempted to hack a dam in New York and the electrical grid in California. The administration has responded with self-effacing conciliation. Even the film of captured American sailors humiliated by the IRGC didn’t rouse the president from his supine repose. John Kerry actually thanked „the Iranian authorities for their cooperation.“

And what of Iran’s violations of sanctions, growing more flagrant with each passing year without consequences? Traditionally, the weaker side in such a conflict might deny it had conducted missile tests or pretend that its ICBM program is actually a space program. An emboldened, confident Iran, however, acts as though it has the upper hand and America is its dhimmi.

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